Covid 19

At the Sherman ECC, our values make up the fabric of who we are and what we do.  While there are many things we won’t be able to do, our focus will be on all the things we can do. The changes to our program are for the health and safety of all children, families, and staff.  We ask for your partnership to stay positive and be open to new possibilities for the children and school community. 

The many new regulations put in place for the safety of our children, families and staff are coming from multiple sources, including the Montgomery County Department of Health, Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE), the American Academy of Pediatrics, our health experts, and the CDC.  We are all in this together. Each Sherman ECC team member, Har Shalom employee, and family has a responsibility to each other to uphold the guidelines. 

  • Classroom hours and composition:  In our new model, each classroom has dedicated teachers for the entire school day. With the implementation of these classroom “bubbles, our hours are 8:00am-4:00pm. 
  • Drop off and pick up: Drop off is from 8:00-8:20 and pick up is at 4:00 PM. All drop off and pick ups will be in a carpool lane. Each morning, parents will fill out a mandated health screening on an App, and an ECC Staff Member will check each child’s temperature. 
  • Physical distancing/health and safety:. The playground equipment can only be used by one class at a time and must be cleaned between groups. We are committed to getting the children outside multiple times per day and will be using all of our outdoor space at Har Shalom to maximize the possibilities for outdoor play. Children will be spaced out for eating and sleeping, and physical distancing will be encouraged for the older children, even within bubbles. Following Montgomery County guidelines, staff will wear masks and children ages 2 and up must also mask, if they are able to. To attend, all children must be up-to date on all vaccinations and have (1) a current health form, filled out by your pediatrician, and (2) an immunization record on file.
  • Enrichments and flow of the day: The flow of the day will be similar to the way it has been with some modification. We are developing creative ways to offer STEAM, yoga, music and Shabbat Sing. 
  • Sherman ECC at Home: If due to evolving health circumstances we need to pause on-site operations, we will go back to Sherman ECC at Home to maintain connection and continuity.
  • Communication: We value our partnership with parents!  Communication between families, the teachers and the Sherman ECC administration is very important to us. Parents have contact with the teachers at drop off and pick up each day.

To learn more about our program and community, please reach out to Beth Hoch, Director of Early childhood at Har Shalom,