The saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, is so true and we are one lucky family to have Har Shalom be part of our village! The teachers and support staff at the ECC have created a loving, nurturing, and safe environment where our child can grow and develop important skills. It is difficult being a working parent, but when our child wakes each morning asking if it’s a school day, excited to see his teachers and friends, it makes drop off so much easier! – Parent of ECC Student

We thought we enrolled our children in a school, but it turned out to be a community.  The parents are friendly and always eager to lend a hand or check in if someone is sick.  Most importantly the teachers are extensions of our family and love our children like our own.  There is never a day that goes by that I am concerned my children are not being nurtured and loved.  Thank you for making our lives easier by having our children love to be at the Sherman ECC. – Craig and Dara Friedson

After having visited literally every preschool in the Potomac-Bethesda-Rockville area, we settled on Har Shalom because of the warmth of the teachers, the nurturing atmosphere and the fun the children were so obviously having on the day we visited. We have not regretted our decision, and our second child is now in the Frogs class and thoroughly enjoying himself! He pleads to stay later when it’s time to go, and comes home interested and curious, eager to tell me what he has learned and show me the things he has been doing. Not only are the teachers really dedicated during school hours, they also give up their free time to attend after hours events, which my kindergartner still looks forward to attending because he will get to see the great friends he made at preschool. The Har Shalom community has become the center of our family life, and we are so glad to be a part of it and to be able to support its wonderful preschool. – Amanda Nesher